Our story starts with our main character, Ivan Smith. He was boy who loved to play games and was good at it. There was nothing in his young life that was more exhilarating to him than opening up a new adventure and diving in. Whether it was console or cards, he loved to wage battles, win wars, and save the day. He could play for hours on end and never be bored. He always dreamed of a place that he could go where he could play games to his hearts content. He vowed to one day make that dream come true when he grew up.... and grow up he did. Ivan took all his gaming knowledge and his passion for play and put it into a place that he would have loved to hang out and game in when he was a boy. That place, that little slice of heaven, became known as Gamer’s Heaven. He continues today to try and make his store a home away from home for gamers of all ages to come and have a place to play. When you walk through Ivan’s doors, you are not just a customer, you are extended family.